Seasonal Festivals of Wine - the most authentic experience!

If you really want to try something amazing and truly authentic do not miss fantastic grape harvesting festivals of abundance in South Moravia! Very nice wine festivals are every year organized also by the amazing castles in Mělník and Karlštejn in Central Bohemian Region.

Seasonal feasts of wine in South Moravia and wine region of Central Bohemia


There is no better time for visiting South Moravia – a region so famous for its great wine production – than the end of the summer season. The reason why is simple – celebration of the wine harvest and vintage! Mikulov, Velké Pavlovice and Valtice are all places with centuries´ long traditions of grape growing and cultivation. Vintage days have been for ages the most important days of these towns –true feasts of prosperity, joy and happiness.

For two or three days each year these charming towns are transformed into historical market places and welcome visitors with historical parades. You are invited to try various wines and fermented wine in many places and can also watch jousting tournaments and performances by jugglers, comedians, fencers, folklore ensembles in colourful costumes, and cymbal and brass bands. The programme also includes concerts, exhibitions, stalls with local gastronomic specialties and much more. Enjoy the vintage day during a single day trip and taste the unique culture of the specific region of South Moravia, full of traditions and folklore.

Wine festivals in Moravia (Mikulov, Znojmo, Valtice) can be visited in single day trip from Prague (approx. 2,5 hours) or Vienna (approx. 1,5 hour) or even better during 2 day tour with overnight stay in one of the local boutique hotels or guest houses. Your tour guide Honza who knows the region as no one else and has many good friends there will provide you with a deep insight into the culture, traditions and history. Wine festivals in Bohemia (Mělník, Karlštejn) are located only one hour from Prague. 

In 2019 the main festivals are organized in these days and locations: 

September 6 – 8: Mikulov, Pálavské Vinobraní 

September 13 – 15: Znojmo, Znojemské historické vinobraní

September 20 – 23: Mělník, Mělnické Vinobraní

September 27 – 29: Karlštejn, Karlštejnské Vinobraní

October 4 – 5: Valtice,  Valtické vinobraní

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