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We survived… | czexperience

We survived…

and are ready to rock and roll again!

I don’t even remember when I felt the same excitement the last time like I did when received a tour inquiry the last month. Two folks from UK were heading to Prague but wanted to explore little bit further and beyond the city limits and asked me if I can recommend a trip to the countryside. They wanted to see a bit of a rural life, some historical places but most importantly to spend a nice day out hiking in the nature. To satisfy their demand as much as possible I took them to the Czech paradise for a day trip and it was just splendid. Fidelma and Greg seemed that this was exactly what they wanted, not talking about the fact that weather – which can be pretty tricky in April, showed us the most beautiful side and we had amazing sunny day full of fun, laugher and enjoyment.

Greg, Fidelma and Honza in Czech Paradise

It has been two very long years that CZEXPERIENCE had been hibernating but now we are back in a game and ready to show the highlights and hidden treasures of the Czech Republic to everyone again. Although that these two years were not easy and of course I had to find another job (so as not to die of starvation) when the tourism began to recover I immediately felt the same excitement as years ago when I had jumped into the travel business for the first time. This makes me to clearly realise that running CZEXPERIENCE and showing our clients (many of them became friends) around the Czech Republic and central Europe was not just a job. In deed it’s a real passion. Those of you who already know me well have noticed that I am quite a talkative person who loves history, nature, sport and also storytelling.

To continue – despite the obstacles and adversity of fate, in my dream of traveling with our guests around the Czech Republic and explaining, for example, the historical consequences of how the dynasties of kings and nobles had participated in the development of towns and cities, still makes me incredibly happy. But since I have lost revenue in the last two years, I have very limited opportunities to tell the world that we are here again and open. Therefore, I would like to ask all my previous clients to become our ambassadors and tell about CZEXPERIENCE to their friends and family members who would be heading our way. I know many of you have recommended us before and I am immensely grateful for that. But now we need you more than ever. So please, please, please, tell the world that we are here and ready to rock and roll again!




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