Discover Czech Paradise: Nature's Hidden Gem!

  • Good pair of hiking shoes and a small back pack.
  • In case of rainy weather, a good waterproof jacket is also good idea. 
  • You will need a sufficient amount of cash in Czech Korunas for admission fees, refreshment and so on as many of the local places do not accept credit / debit cards.


How much shall I take with me for 2 day Tour?

Anticipated prices per person:
Accommodation – 1.000 CZK (40 Euro)
In case of overnight stay in Hrubá Skála Chateau – 2.000 CZK (80 Euro)
Admission fees – 350 – 500 CZK (15 – 20 Euros)
Food and Drinks – 1.000 – 1.200 CZK (40 – 50 Euro) but depends on your appetite
Sport and other activities fee – based on your preferences. 
Please do not take any valuables with you (computers, jewellery) as any luggage except your backpack will be stored in the car during the day. If you need to take expensive items with you please let us know and we will arrange a safe deposit for them.