Krkonoše Mountains: Unleash the Thrill of Hiking in the Czech Republic!

Embark on an Epic Hiking Adventure in the Czech Republic! Experience the true magic of the Krkonoše Mountains, home to the majestic Sněžka Mount - the highest peak in the country! Prepare to be captivated by the Krkonoše National Park, a treasure trove of natural wonders in Central Europe.

This stunning Krkonoše mountain range is a living testament to its ancient glacial past, boasting a unique mosaic of ecosystems. From glacial corries to bare-stone ridges, and from alpine meadows to enchanting timber cottages in the valleys, every step reveals a new wonder.

Discover the perfect blend of rushing waterfalls and mysterious peat bogs, all under the watchful eye of regal Mount Sněžka, the queen of peaks. Prepare for superlatives, as the Krkonoše stands as the highest and most visited mountain range in the Czech Republic.

The time has come to immerse yourself in this awe-inspiring landscape. Are you ready to conquer the Krkonoše Mountains and create memories that last a lifetime? Your epic hiking adventure awaits!

In the summer, Krkonoše Mountains become a hiker’s paradise, offering a fantastic base for exploration. Traverse the region’s crisscrossing trails, navigating hilly terrains, occasional climbs, and rewarding downhill sections, all while reveling in the breathtaking views of this wondrous landscape.

On our full-day trip, our expert mountain guide will lead you from Pec pod Sněžkou, guiding you through flat ridges, alpine meadows adorned with vibrant wildflowers, and mysterious moorlands, until you reach the pinnacle – “Czech Matterhorn” or Sněžka, the highest Czech mountain. After the invigorating hike, indulge in delicious local food and savor locally brewed beer at unique mountain lodges!

If you’re a true nature enthusiast and hiking lover with more time on your hands, our ultimate 3-day tour is just for you. Traverse the entire Krkonose mountain range, where you can choose to stay either in the two main centers – Špindlerův Mlýn and Harrachov – with a variety of accommodation options from budget hostels to luxurious spa hotels. Alternatively, opt for the adventurous option of staying in mountain lodges high in the heart of the mountains, surrounded by stunning wilderness.

Over the course of 3 days, visit all the highlights of the National Park, including the awe-inspiring Pančavský waterfall, the mesmerizing Sněžné Furrows – formed from glacial basins, and the source of the mighty River Elbe, the second-longest river in Europe, also originating from Krkonoše Mountains.

No matter if you have just one day or prefer the 3-day hiking extravaganza, our experienced mountain guides will ensure your trip is safe, fun, and unforgettable. Immerse yourself in the full beauty of the most beautiful National Park in the Czech Republic!

Full-day hiking trip including climbing the Sněžka Mountain

Departure from your hotel: 8:00am

Return to your hotel: Approx. 8:00pm

Price per group (Private groups only, max 8 pax in the group): 12.900 CZK / 540 EUR

The price includes the services of the tour guide and transportation. It does not include food and drinks. 


3 day ultimate hiking trip to Krkonoše Mountains

Departure from your hotel (Day 1): 8:00am

Return to your hotel / Prague (Day 3): Approx. 8:00pm

Price per group (Private groups only, max 8 pax in the group): 26.900 CZK / 1,150 EUR

The price includes the services of the tour guide and transportation. It does not include accommodation, food and drinks. 

Customized schedules can be prepared based on your needs (i.e. time of your departure flight).