Prague and the majestic Vltava River trail - 3 day tour

The magnificent Vltava River, like a silver thread, flows through beautiful Czech landscapes, interweaving medieval towns, encircling fascinating castles and palaces to create the backdrop of Europe's most beautiful city - Prague and then merging into Elbe River near Mělník. Come with us to follow the flow of the river, which the Czechs call the Mother of All the Rivers and visit the most beautiful sites of the Czech Republic in 3 days.





Our journey begins at the source of a majestic river in the beautiful Šumava National Park. This border area with Austria has been intersected by the Iron Curtain during the communist era. After approx.. 2,5 hours drive from Prague (we also depart from Passau and Nuremberg) we will arrive to a picturesque mountain village called Kvilda. From there we will reach the source of the Vltava River during an easy one-hour walk through the most beautiful part of the National Park. Upon our return there will be a delicious lunch and beer tasting from the local micro-brewery in Kvilda.

After the lunch we will continue to Lake Lipno, the largest and most beautiful water reservoir built on the river. Lipno also lies in the beautiful scenery of the Šumava National Park and is nicknamed as the “Czech Sea”. We will have a cup of coffee and dessert in the beautiful local marina and continue to Vyšší Brod. Here we will visit one of the oldest monasteries of Central Europe with a unique Baroque library, whose beauty will take your breath away. From Vyšší Brod we will move to one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic – Český Krumlov. A renaissance pearl built in a corner of a river with a palace carved on a rock above the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a real gem of European architecture.

The overnight stay will be organized in one of the guesthouses or 3­* hotels there in Český Krumlov which will give you a chance to enjoy the ambient late-evening atmosphere of this amazing medieval town. There is nothing more pleasant than sitting by the river and tasting the great local food and beer.


After a breakfast we will start with a guided tour of this beautiful medieval town of Český Krumlov and also a tour of the local castle, which is one of the most beautiful and interesting buildings in Central Europe should not be missed out. You will learn how the nobles of the Rozmberk, Eggenberg and Schwarzenberg dynasties lived and visit their residential rooms and splendid ceremonial halls.

From Český Krumlov we travel to the nearby center of the South Bohemian region – city of České Budějovice, where we will have a lunch at a beautiful Renaissance square. This town is known mainly for the fact that the world-famous Budweiser beer is brewed here. Forget Budweiser you know from US, Czech original is much better! We will visit the local brewery during an easy one-hour walk which will give you a chance not only to compare which beer is better but also to learn how the Budweiser brand came from Central Europe to America.

In the afternoon we will continue our journey to little town called Písek where there is an oldest bridge in the Czech Republic from 13th Century. We will sit next to this beautiful site in little cafeteria and have an afternoon snack there. In summer time you will have a chance to admire amazing pieces of art too as “Písek” in the Czech language means “sand” and every year there are new sand sculptures modeled and put on display.

Our last stop at Day 2 will be the most beautiful site built on the Vltava River – the town that once was a center of the Holy Roman Empire and nowdays is the capital of the Czech Republic – the city of Prague. Your accommodation will be organized in pleasant and spacious apartments in the city center.


Day 3

Prague – a thousand-year-old town, sprawling on both banks of the Vltava River, is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, rich in history, architecture and historical legends. On the third day of wandering under the magical Vltava River, we will start a small boat ride on the river, leaving the pier directly at the most important monument – Charles Bridge. During the one-hour cruise you will learn all about the history of the capital of the Czech Republic and once the center of the Holy Roman Empire, including the legends associated with the river and the city, such as the Devil’s Channel, which we will also go through.

After lunch at the Old Town Square, one of the most important places in Czech history, we will set out for our last stop – the town of Mělník, which is less than an hour’s drive north from Prague. There, just below the fascinating Mělník castle belonging to the noble Lobkowitz family, we will see our beloved Vltava River flowing into the European giant – Elbe River heading from here further northwest to Germany, where the water flows from the river into the North Sea. After tasting the wine from the local vineyard, we will return to your accommodation in Prague and our journey along the magical river will be over.



3 day guided tour with transportation by a private van

3 night accommodation (1 night in Český Krumlov, 2 night in Prague)

One hundred splendid views! 

One thousand wows! 

One million fantastic moments and authentic experiences!


Pick up:

We will pick you up from any hotel or Airbnb stay in Prague, Passau, and Nuremberg.

The private tour is available from April till October.

Standard maximum number of participants is 7 but if you are a bigger group please let us know and we will accommodate you too.

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