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Three Years of Adventures with the Lobkowicz Family: Unveiling Czech Republic’s Treasures | czexperience

Three Years of Adventures with the Lobkowicz Family: Unveiling Czech Republic’s Treasures

In the midst of the pandemic, when tourism in Prague and the Czech Republic came to an abrupt halt, a serendipitous twist of fate led me to an extraordinary opportunity. I found myself embarking on a journey with one of the oldest noble families, whose roots run deep in the kingdom of Bohemia’s history. I was hired to help them with communications and it’s been quite a ride ever since!

Great day out with Lobkowicz Family and great American journalist John Perkins at Music Festival Coulours of Ostrava where William Lobkowicz talked at the Melting Pot Stage.

This isn’t just any family; it’s the Lobkowicz family, humble yet incredibly significant. Their story is etched into the stones of castles and palaces that grace our land. Among them stands the captivating Lobkowicz Palace, a treasury that stands out as the only private palace within the grounds of Prague Castle in the heart of Prague.

As I took my first steps into this unique experience, I was taken aback by the profound historical role this family played in shaping our nation. But my journey wasn’t just about absorbing history; it was about immersing myself in the breathtaking Lobkowicz Collections of art, each piece with its own tale of beauty and authenticity.

Imagine being transported back to the 18th century, standing in the presence of the 7th Prince Lobkowicz, who once generously supported the great Ludwig van Beethoven. As I wandered through the corridors of Lobkowicz Palace, I found myself encircled by the authentic scores of three symphonies that Beethoven had dedicated to this very prince. The palace walls came alive with ageless paintings – from Bruegel’s world-famous”Haymaking” to Canaletto’s masterpiece “London: The River Thames on Lord Mayor’s Day,” alongside the masterful works by Cranach.

Yet, as the pandemic’s grip began to loosen, a different kind of yearning took hold of me. I longed to reintroduce travelers to the wonders of our country, to engage in heartfelt conversations about our history, architecture, and the simple moments that make Czech Republic life so special. And in return, I yearned to hear their stories, to connect with their world and experiences.

And so I took up my role as tour guide again, but this time, with a renewed vigor. My time spent with the Lobkowicz family over these three years had given me an unparalleled privilege – an intimate bond with them and their historic estates. After all, these are the places that captivated even the famous Rick Steves, drawing his organized groups to Nelahozeves – the birthplace of the legendary composer Antonín Dvořák – and to the enchanting Lobkowicz Palace, Střekov, and Roudnice Castle.

Honza, William R. Lobkowicz and Janek Rubeš a.k.a. Honest Guide at the terrace of the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague

But let’s be clear – this isn’t about seizing an opportunity. It’s about the genuine embrace I received from William Lobkowicz and his entire family. They welcomed me into their circle, and what began as a professional connection flourished into a sincere friendship. And for that I am and always will be very grateful. During these three and a half years, we worked together, prepared events in historical places, promoted exhibitions and celebrated festivals and concerts.

The pandemic might have pressed pause on my and CZEXPERIENCE’s journey, but it also opened the door to new horizons. It molded me into someone stronger, more resilient, and deeply grateful for growth. Now, I’m thrilled to share this wealth of experience, knowledge, and the incredible story of one of Czech Republic’s most amazing families with all those who are eager to listen. 😉

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