Good-bye amazing 2019, hello promising 2020!

The old year is over and the new one just started. So it is the right time to look back and evaluate all the great adventures and (cz)experiences of 2019.

To summarize our 2019 we have to say: WOW! Thanks to our clients and friends CZEXPERIENCE had very busy and very blessed year. When we started our travel agency about 3 years ago we had a dream to convince travellers arriving to Prague that the Czech Republic tourism is not only about visiting of our beautiful capital. We wanted to start preparing customized travel itineraries and include historical towns, amazing castles, lordly chateaux, splendid hiking areas and beautiful national parks into them so our clients would have more opportunities to enjoy the Czech Republic to the largest possible extend. It wasn´t an easy task. Many travellers especially from USA, Canada or Australia still do not believe that towns in the Czech Republic countryside are safe, that there are good hotels to stay in and that there is nothing really interesting and worth seeing. Thanks God not everyone was like that in 2019 and those who gave it a chance and spent time with us – their local tour guides in the Czech Republic, surely did not regret!

Here are few examples from 2019. In June we spent 4 days with Paolo and his wife exploring the regions of South Bohemia and South Moravia, including excursions to unbelievably beautiful Vyšší Brod Monastery built in 12th Century and its amazing baroque library and in Brno we have seen interiors of UNESCO protected Tugendhat Villa – a unique example of functionalism, style of architecture from 1920s.  

Tugendhat villa and its amazing interiors.

In October we hiked for 3 days through the most beautiful areas of Bohemian Paradise, Jizera Mountains and Krkonoše National Park with Don from Toronto. There was nothing more pleasant than hearing from this experienced hiking stager who is absolutely familiar with all the amazing National Parks in Canada that the Czech nature is truly magnificent too.

Honza and Don in Krkonoše National Park.

With Preston and his family we visited several Christmas markets in Prague, Dresden and Český Krumlov and with Joanne and John we enjoyed the ambient atmosphere of spa town of Karlovy Vary and visited a fascinating medieval Loket castle with a spine-chilling torture chamber and original torture tools.

We also started providing a genealogy researches and tours to help people from all around the world to find their Czech ancestries. One of our clients who wanted to see the roots of his family was Thomas, an 80 years old war veteran who´s grandfather emigrated to US in 1903. We managed to find the village he lived before leaving for America and on the top of that we found Thomas´s distant cousin! Their meeting was an amazing, very touchy moment of 2019.

Thomas met his cousin in Štedronín near town Písek.

All together in 2019 we provided 187 trips and tours to more than 420 clients. How much their liked our tours you can see in section Reviews and also on our TripAdvisor profile

So it was really a great year but what to wish for year 2020? First of all we would like to wish a good health and good luck to everyone. And we hope for more and more travellers coming to the Czech Republic to trust us when we say: “WE WANT TO MAKE EACH DAY OF YOUR TRAVELS GREAT AND UNFORGETTABLE. WE WANT YOU TO HAVE A REAL CZEXPERIENCE!”

Truly yours


PS: A secret tip for you. The best time for visiting Prague and the Czech Republic is the second half of April. Waether is already nice, there are no crowds and beautiful spring is already in a full swing! 😉  

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