Looking into bright lights of 2021!

with hope, humbleness and head up!

Hello our dear CZEXPERIENCE friends and warm welcome to 2021! Year 2020 when the whole world learned a (coronavirus) lesson is over and we look forward to the brighter days ahead. Many things changed of course as these days are not easy for anyone in travel industry but don’t worry, we survive, we did not give up!

But we had to adapt to the new situation. With zero foreign visitors since March I had to look around to find something interesting and meaningful until the pandemic is over. And lucky me (as always) I found an offer for a new and very interesting job which connects my deep passion for history and the Czech culture with my journalistic expertise. Long story short: In June I started working as a PR and communication consultant for one of the oldest, and well-known former noble family in the Czech Republic – The house of Lobkowicz! And I love my job. Not only it really connects many things that I like but on top of that William and Alexandra and also their children Will and Ileana who all work in the Lobkowicz organizations are fantastic human beings. So distant from an usual image of arrogant, snooty aristocrat. Not at all. Very humble, hard working people with their feet firmly down to Earth. Thanks to my new job I was also able to connect with some other excellent people and Prague patriots like Janek Rubeš, well-known worldwide as Honest Guide, a brave guy that has been chasing various Prague scummers, overpriced exchange offices and cheating taxi drivers and making a popular vlog about that or David Černý, founder of Miluju Prahu (I love Prague) page featuring unique and beautiful photos of our beloved city. 

Honza with William Lobkowicz Jr. and Honest guide Janek Rubeš

Establishing these fantastic connections and being so close to one of the greatest noble families gives us a unique opportunity for the future. The plan is to connect CZEXPERIENCE  tours with Lobkowiczes and their palaces, chateaux and castles and also with the Lobkowicz collections, which are the largest and best preserved privately owned collections of art in the Central Europe. So for those of you who are love culture, history and art I would have a very special programs this year!

But of course those who met me in person know very well that I am a very outdoor person who can not live without nature, hiking, mountains and all sorts of crazy outdoor sports and activities. So no matter how great our new cultural programmes would be if you are still interested in packing your backpack and go for 3 days mountain hiking with us, I am ready to go right away with you!

Dear friends, I hope that in 2021 we will have the opportunity to see many of you in person again. Once the international travelling resumes we in CZEXPERIENCE will be here for you again. Spread the word so the world still counts with us. Until then enjoy the winter (as we do) and take good care of yourselves!

Love and Peace


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